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Types of Energy Healing


Various modalities have different philosophies, types of training, techniques used, models of the energy field and types of energy addressed.

Many forms of energy healing therapies already exist, and more are being developed all the time. The field of Energy Healing or “energy work” has a very wide range of programmes and focuses.

This is partly due to the fact that healers have a wide variety of backgrounds and natural gifts. Everyone has a different “energetic makeup”, and healing will be expressed differently through different people. When a healer starts to teach others, different techniques, structures and methods of teaching emerge.


Tjitze de Jong, was the man who introduced me to Energy Healing for cancer in 2006. Tjitze graduated from the Barabara Brennan School of Healing and followed that six years later with an advanced studies programme which was a programme that replaced Barbara Brennan Teacher Training in Brennan Healing Science.

I can honestly say that he changed my life.  He made no promises that he would cure me.  I and many others over the past few years who have visited Tjitze with our cancer diagnosis have had some amazing results.

TJITZES Energetic cellular healingTjitze has his own school which teaches TECHS (Tjitze’s Energetic Cellular Healing), which has become very popular and every year he has many students graduating.  He is tireless in his pursuit of helping the individual heal cancer; he is warm, kind, open and very honest.  His clients travel from hundreds of miles, to be treated by him and due to his success he frequently has a waiting list.   Tjitze now mainly concentrates on cancer and he does see cancer patients as soon as possible, by making adjustments to his appointments.

Tjitze teaches you that illnesses are more often than not caused by being out of balance, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Unlike conventional medicine, the mind, body and spirit are all of the same. All three aspects need to be healed to enable lasting health and happiness. As he says where there is hope, light and love there will be healing.

Tjitze works with his partner Arlene at the Findhorn River Lodge near Forres where he also has a bed and breakfast, which is in a beautiful setting and has a wonderful calming atmosphere.

Every year there are graduates from TECHS School who are listed on the website.


The goal of Reiki healing is to send or channel ki by connecting Universal life healing from the Divine energy source to the client. Reiki practitioners use a set pattern of hand positions during the healing session combined with Japanese or Tibetan symbols (drawn by hand motions in the air). These symbols are said to enhance the healing power and came be used in both direct hands-on-healing sessions or for distance healing.

Reiki Healing is being used in hospitals in London on the NHS, although they don’t advertise the fact you can ask for a therapist to do Reiki on you whilst in hospital.  It is a breakthrough as far as Energy Healing is concerned.


Seichim is the western pronunciation for the Sanskrit character meaning Living Light Energy and is used to designate both the energy itself and the healing system using this Living Light Energy.  Using Ancient Wisdom, the Seichim initiation empowers the initiate, regardless of belief systems, to use Living Light Energy as a personal tool for growth and transformation.  The active use of Seichim promotes healing and balancing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Acting as simply as a first aid kit, Seichim works on the complexities of acute and chronic diseases, as well as anxiety, fatigue, depression, frustration and other symptoms produced by stress.


The healer is acting as a conductor for universal healing energy and is able to transmit this energy through his/her hands to you. Also, using the sensitivity of his/her hands, the healer is able to feel your energy field, which exists around the body, and help to rebalance this.

The energetic layers or aura consist of four rings around the body – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical – and their energy centres of the body known as chakras.  A problem in any one of the layers impacts on the next. There are seven major chakras, connected to the endocrine system, running down the central line of the body which act as openings in the aura. They each vibrate at a different rate and have their own colour, and they are the vortexes through which energy is given and received.

Our chakras, and subsequently our auras, should be bright, clear, strong and protective but through the life experiences we all encounter they can become weakened and cease to function efficiently, creating an imbalance.  Through his/her hands the healer can sense this imbalance through any of the auric layers and chakras and give healing to redress the problem.


Therapeutic Touch is another popular energy healing technique. Therapeutic Touch (TT) is a modern healing practice based on the conscious use of the hands to direct or modulate etheric energy around the auric body for therapeutic purposes. Based on principles of ancient Tibetan and Indian healing methods utilizing the chakra system, this practice was cumulated in the early 1970’s by healers Dora Kunz and Nurse Dolores Krieger.  Many health care professionals in the UK, especially nurses, have shown increasing interest in the concept and applications of Therapeutic Touch  is another popular energy healing technique. Therapeutic Touch (TT) is a modern healing practice based on the conscious use of the hands to direct or modulate etheric energy around the auric body for therapeutic purposes. Based on principles of ancient Tibetan and Indian healing methods utilizing the chakra system, this practice was cumulated in the early 1970’s by healers Dora Kunz and Nurse Dolores Krieger.  Many health care professionals in the UK, especially nurses, have shown increasing interest in the concept and applications of Therapeutic Touch.

TT is conducted on the premise that the physical body is an asymmetrical whole. In the beginning of the session the TT practitioner scans both sides of the body at the same time searching for bumps, depressions, cold spots, heat, pressure, etc., in the auric field. The practitioner never actually touches the client’s physical body, but instead runs their hands about two to three inches away from the body.

These bumps, depressions, etc. indicate the need to rebalance these areas. This is done by working head to toe on the areas the energy disturbances in the auric field were felt. The practitioner uses visualization to direct or modulate the flow of energy into the unbalanced areas. For example, if the TT practitioner feels the sensation of cold, she would visualize or recall the sensation of heat and send it to the client. The practitioner may also project colours in this way to the affected area on the client.

The TT practitioner may also disburse congested or scrambled energies felt in the auric layer through a process known as “unruffling” which is performed by brushing these energies downward and outward away from the body. The practitioner will reassess the auric body as needed throughout the session and will use the process of “unruffling” to conclude the session.


Hands of LightOne of the most popular energy healing techniques is Hands of Light, a modern healing system which utilizes hands-on healing, visualization and intuitive skills to bring all layers of the human energy field into alignment. This energy healing system combines theories of Native American healing arts, core energetic, bioenergetics therapy, and the Chakra system.

Barbara Brennan, a former atmospheric physicist for NASA, combined this system of healing after she began to see energy fields around people. Using healing theories listed above, she trained herself to learn to direct her own energy fields in order to rebalance the energy field of her clients.


Pranic Healing is a no touch energy-based technique that accelerates the healing process through the use of “life-force” being directed to the part of the physical body that needs healing. In order to locate blockages of chi, the Pranic practitioner scans the recipient’s aura or “energy field.” Chi energies are then projected through the Pranic practitioner’s palm chakras to cleanse, energize, and revitalize the problematic area.


Bi-Aura is an advanced system of bio-energy healing which works through balancing the human bio-field. If the bio-field which surrounds the body becomes overly stressed then this can lead to a reduction in the energy flowing into the organs, which over time may cause illness.

Bi-Aura therapists are trained to tune into blockages in the bio-field and to remove these blockages through a selection of mostly non-touch Bi-Aura techniques. Once the energy blockages are removed from the body it is normally only a matter of days or weeks before full health is restored.


Quantum Touch® is a dynamic and highly-effective hand–on energy healing technique. In principle, Quantum Touch® focus and amplify life-force energy, which is most often referred to as “Chi”, “Ki” or “Prana” in other cultures and healing techniques. This is accomplished by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. When the practitioner holds a high vibrational field of life-force energy around an affected area of the client’s body, the client naturally matches the vibration of the practitioner (through a process of resonance and entrainment), allowing the client’s own biological intelligence to do whatever healing it deems necessary.

Quantum Touch® will often stop pain and cause inflammation to be dramatically reduced; it can balance organs, glands and tissues of the body. Bones often move back into alignment as well. Since it is always the body healing itself, the body will use this energy in whatever way it decides. Life-force energy even has a remarkable effect on psychological and emotional states.


Theta Healing works on all levels of your being, including: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual by clearing the blocks and obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your fullest potential in your life.

All of your beliefs and feelings are creating your current life and the circumstances within it in every moment of your day. Where your empowering ones are creating fulfilment, your limiting ones are creating blocks and obstacles.

The beliefs and feelings that you are aware of are stored in your conscious mind. The ones you are unaware of are stored in your subconscious mind.

Limiting beliefs and feelings in your subconscious mind are responsible for a lack of fulfilment and achievement in any area of your life including: career, relationships, finance, life purpose, home environment and physical health.

Theta Healing works for you by utilising the power of your natural Brainwaves to access your subconscious mind where the limiting beliefs and feelings that are blocking you from achieving your dreams and goals are stored.

Once accessed, we are able to use the Theta Healing technique to change limiting beliefs and feelings into empowering ones. The person receiving Theta Healing experiences a deep positive change instantly as Theta Healing works on releasing, deeply ingrained fears, negative beliefs and feelings hidden within the subconscious mind and installs positive, enhancing ones in their place.

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